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Icebox conversion

posted 10-20-2013 by Steve C. | Add this mod to a FAQ

I decided the alcohol stove was no longer needed on our 87 C27. I didnt particularly like the way it worked, and that wasnt very often. So after removing the stove and the stainless pan I was faced with what to do with that space. Since the factory icebox on this boat is useless (as an icebox) and is only used for storage we decided to utilize the vacated space as a cooler.

We purchased a heavy gauge PVC container and modified it slightly to fit in the space once occupied by the stove. I insulated the sides, front, back, bottom and top with 3 layers of R3 high density foam board. We added a drain and incorporated the cutting board as the top.

We have found that if we use the pre-frozen water jugs and keep the box loaded it will keep frozen foods frozen for an entire weekend. All in all it was the best option for that space and help eliminate a second carry on cooler.

In addition we purchased a single burner butane camp stove that fits nicely on top of the cutting board and works better than the old alcohol stove. It will bring water to a boil in 2 minutes.

The wood for the top and front were reused from the old starboard bulkhead that had to be replaced.
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