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Updating Catalina 27 - Electric Propilsion

posted 10-12-2011 by Mike Gunning | Add this mod to a FAQ

I am a dealer for Electric Yachts and this is an article on the upgrading of one of my boats
Boat is a 1974 Catalina 27 originally with an Atomic 4 gas motor that had not run for two years. The mast was motor removed, mast replaced, and bottom painted.

The motor was removed with a certain amount of effort due to the age and condition of the motor. It took about 4 hours to remove the motor, fuel tank, and secure the through hulls. Once removed the compartment was cleaned and painted, four hours. Battery boxes were built where the fuel tank was located in the port settee, three hours. The motor was mounted at the rear of the original engine location and the controls and installed in the cockpit, 3 hours. Four 100AH gel Batteries were installed with heavy gage copper cable.

We hauled out the boat and addressed a number of larger blisters by repairing them. We also replaced the through hulls for the sink and head. At the same time we removed the through hull for the engine cooling system. We repacked the packing gland. The boat was painted with ePaint SN1 along with the boot stripe and accent line. Finally we installed a composite two bladed prop to replace the small brass prop.

The last major project was the replacement of the mast which was in very poor condition along with all the standing rigging. We did a little cosmetic painting of the non skid and bright work.
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